Alexis Heron

"I realized wigs were a lifetime bestfriend."

I am a young entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Fl (Duuuuuuvalllll) but born in Charleston, SC so I am southern at heart! I received my bachelors's of Science in Architectural Studies from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU). 

Since a young girl I've always had a passion and drive for Art & Beauty. I originally started a hair company back in 2015 (Queensgallery llc) alongside my college studies and realized even though I was selling hair I was still spending tremendously on weave installs.  Being that I went natural years ago I was investing a lot of time and money into closure and frontal installs. 

I am someone who loves wearing different hairstyles however I suffer from hairloss around the edges and I develop dandruff quickly so I can't keep styles in very long. I was also very limited on the styles I could wear just because I had thinning edges. I started making wigs (at a time they were becoming very popular anyway) and my entire outlook about hair changed. 

When I made my first wig and tried it on, I discovered how much I had been missing out.  It looked real, was so easy to put on , style , maintain, and remove whenever I felt like it. I realized wigs were a lifetime bestfriend and would always be there when I needed! Why not save money , better nurture your natural hair , and rock whatever style you feel like, WHEN you feel like it? My firm quality sewn units are a must have.